@ridv Great to see you not only at matrix but also in mastodon. 😄

I've developed an Apache Mesos framework for V2, enabling the distribution of TensorFlow-based machine learning models across clusters to accelerate model computations.


The next unofficial update for Apache Mesos is currently in development, marking a significant stride towards a more streamlined and maintainable version.


I've updated Mesos-DNS to Version 0.9.0.

This version includes the following changes:

- Added support for reverse lookup (thanks to Christian Marie)
- Updated all Go modules
- Migrated from jwt-go to golang-jwt


I've updated my unofficial Apache fork to version 1.11.0-0.3.0. This update includes the native CNI support for the executer.

It uses the same configuration as the Mesos executor. If you are already using it with CNI, you do not have to make any changes or additions.

Please note that this version of Mesos is unofficial. If you encounter any issues, please refrain from bothering or the Mesos community. Instead, kindly open an issue: github.com/m3scluster/clusterd

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