Well that sucked. I hate of when my PC crashes without any obvious reason. This time I was right in the middle of chatting and it crashed again. It was a good one because now I don't even get a display output. So I will take a break from my computer for today and check it out tomorrow.

Any ideas on how to approach this and where to look? Like syslog or something? As far as I noticed temperatures were fine.
OS: Pop!_OS 20.10
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700
GPU: Powercolor RX5700XT

#Linux #Crash


Have the same problem with linux and AMD Ryzen at my thinkpad. There are different reasons why it crashed. One is the unsupported suspend of CPU's Cores. In the archlinux BBS are some "solutions". But, it's still crashing. Just not so often then before. 😣 i will send u the link tomorrow.

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